149 Having a third Stella here in the Dome

149 Having a third Stella here in the Dome; I find I am already becoming increasingly excited at the thought my return to Fifth Avenue is growing ever closer. This is why I travel. The beer goes down so much easier in the Rue D’Aerschot, and in Fifth Avenue, as I know I am right next to the half-naked floozies. How the proximity of a whore excites the blood of a man. A whole bar of them & whole road of them, even more so. So 205 already and still half my beer to finish here in the Dome. I am not behind yesterday at all, all of a sudden. Plus vite, monsieur, otherwise all the windows will be empty!

I’ve stopped off in Dome for old time’s sake hoping to see Aisha

I’ve stopped off in Dome for old time’s sake hoping to see Aisha, but no luck, but also because the McDonald’s I had at 11 has sobered me up somewhat and I need to start to feel a little drunk again before pushing on to Rue d’Aerschot. 1248 only. Mind you, better to get to Rue d’Aerschot and then in & out of Fifth Avenue a bit sooner today, if I want to have a nap and get out to Empire tonight.


206pm. Dome. Wow proper raining now. Lashing down ferociously

206pm. Dome. Wow proper raining now. Lashing down ferociously. I just missed it. My first Stella in the Dome on this visit. I have to say I really don’t think I like Stella. It has too much of a creamy texture & taste compared to the more clear watery Jupiler or Maes. Every time I walk past the shell of the old Cine ABC I feel terribly sad. How wonderful those old 1970s porn films were—“hairy porn” as I call it. What a difference from porn today where men & women do not seem to have a single hair anywhere on their bodies. And the hourly stripper of course. Think I’m coming down with a bit of a cold. Not surprising, after walking around for so long in the rain yesterday. Oh, I just saw a van passing, in the colours of “Patisserie Transylvania”. Fantastic. No I really don’t like the Stella. I would leave now but I’ll stay for one more just to see if —– comes in at 3. Christ I felt so randy when I returned to Fifth Avenue last night, but now I feel nothing. My usual lethargy & inertia.

I know in the old days I always used to get to Fifth Avenue late

I know in the old days I always used to get to Fifth Avenue late, after 4, because I spent some hours in Café du Dome; but taking a break from the Café du Dome it has meant I have got to Fifth Avenue too early. I should perhaps try to reinstate the Café du Dome into my routine. One more in the hotel before I go though. No.5. Hope the Cine Paris finally has some new films to sober me up again. No. 6.

Struggling on my first beer of the day

Struggling on my first beer of the day. My head still hurting from yesterday’s drinking. So all of a sudden this is what would have been the last day of my 3 day stay—how fast it goes. Glad now that I did add on an extra 3 days, so that gives me Saturday, Sunday and Monday here as well. Just raining now. To Dome for some of their lovely crusty bread & butter. Struggling with the Stella here as well; but an unexpected treat! My —– is on the lunchtime shift! Despite the foul (lovely) non-stop rainy weather, the Dome is busier than I have ever known it, which is good to see. I always said if —— worked the lunchtime shift I would have asked her out by now, but she always usually comes in just as I am leaving; well, we will see if I am tempted to flirt with her today. Me flirting is a painful sight, and I do not recommend it, even to myself.

Well, so here I am in Brussels, 937pm. Brussels under security lockdown

Well, so here I am in Brussels, 937pm. Brussels under security lockdown. And yet Cine Paris is open and showing a couple of good films to me and 1 other discerning customer. The girls are still in the Rue des Commerçants, including my Beatrice. Fifth Avenue is still open, including Ina in a stunning floral body suit. Her appeal does not diminish, it just grows. She is like a flower that is just starting to bloom, and she just keeps on blooming. I must admit, when I arrived at Gare du Nord and decided to step off the train there (and therefore stay) I felt scared. And coming out the station, passing the soldiers with massive machine guns, I felt scared. And walking down the road from Gare du Nord to my Max Hotel, I felt scared. Every bar and café and restaurant was closed along the whole length of the road, but then, incredibly, Brussels Grill was open, the first place I saw open. And even incredibly the Café du Dome was open! Bravo for them. What if gunmen walk in and start shooting you? Nothing you can do. But you have to go on don’t you. And bravo to them. And then you have a couple of cans of beer and you start to relax. And then you see Cine Paris is open and you relax more. And then you see the street girls in the Rue des Commerçants, and you relax more. And then, amazing, even Fifth Avenue is open as normal. Less girls than normal, it is true, but Ina is there, and you relax even more. This is how courage breeds courage.