I was shocked to see so few “girls” on the street along the Rue des Commercants drag. There were just 2 girls on the Pelican corner around Café Jimmy

I was shocked to see so few “girls” on the street along the Rue des Commercants drag. There were just 2 girls on the Pelican corner around Café Jimmy, just 2 girls on the street between Pelican and Flamingo, just 2 girls on the Flamingo corner around the old closed Café Flamingo, and then just 2 girls on the Rue des Commercants itself between Flamingo and Fifth Avenue. The Mayor Yvan Mayeur’s determination to “depress” & eradicate the Alhambra scene by fining the girls and their clients 350 euros each is apparently working. Though, again, I was perhaps just too early. The early Fifth Avenue girls were poor too. The couple of Cine Paris films I saw during my brief half-hour stay were OK—OK meaning they were not the sort of thing I would ever watch at home on my computer, but they at least enabled me to get an erection; so in the in between area of being “OK”. The disaster is films that are so bad I cannot even get an erection, and the great pleasure is a film so good that I rush to find it on my computer as soon as I get back home.

Stupidly I’ve been saying they want to get rid of the street girls in the Rue des Commercants but now I discover it has already in fact happened (in theory)

Stupidly I’ve been saying they want to get rid of the street girls in the Rue des Commercants but now I discover it has already in fact happened (in theory). I was reading they have moved to the Chaussee d’Anvers, Blvd Baudouin, and Albert II Laan. The girls I see in the Rue des Commercants are just the diehard remnants who have flouted the new instructions? Prostitution is not illegal in Belgium, and street prostitution is not illegal, so I’m not quite sure by what device they can make them move. That would explain why even in summer I was shocked to see so few girls in the Rue des Commercants. By then they were probably already in the new place (just about 100 yards north). And yet why have I never SEEN any street girls in those places? Last night after leaving Fifth Avenue I made a point of walking along the entire length of the Blvd Baudouin back to Brussels Grill and I never saw a single girl. I will actually go up the Chaussee d’Anvers and Albert II Laan today to look harder. 1128 Tuesday morning. Proper raining.

How strong my sub-conscious is

How strong my sub-conscious is. It keeps me away from Rue d’Aerschot, even though my conscious mind is telling me the sexiest girls are there. My sub-conscious propels me, and keeps sending me back to Rue des Commerçants (and Beatrice) and Fifth Avenue. So on my 6th day, I remain celibate. Chaste. Un-violated. Disappointed I didn’t get the bread & butter this time at Brussels Grill; perhaps it is only for early afternoons. Starving. Think I will die of hunger. For sure, I need a Domino’s Pizza to follow this Brussels Grill. Indigestion be damned. My sub-conscious is always saving my money for Lucy; or for Adelina in Vienna. It is a strong resistance. I listen to my sub-conscious, then I know what to do. So a 6th day in Brussels goes by, without sex. Bravo. Still that money in my pocket, for next time, or for Vienna. 6pm. Doubt I will be awake in time for Empire tonight. No chance. Let’s be honest.

On my last 2 or 3 visits to Fortuna Kino I was wondering where the women had gone, the “hostesses”

On my last 2 or 3 visits to Fortuna Kino I was wondering where the women had gone, the “hostesses”. and now reading the online forums (with the help of Google Translate) I see that the cinema was repeatedly raided and inspected by the police, and that is why from now on you just have to watch the films and that is all; and if the prostitution has been banned from Fortuna then that means it will soon be banned from WSK as well, as they are obviously on a very sticky wicket. So there we are, my eulogies to the wonderful liberal sexual freedom of Vienna, where  you could —- the girls in the darkness of a porn cinema, are proved to be wishful thinking. Even Vienna now is becoming as repressive as everywhere else. Why? No one outside the porn kino knows what it is going on inside between consenting men and women, so who on earth is it hurting???
And I have already mentioned that the Mayor of Brussels is dead set on getting rid of all the street girls around the Rue des Commercents area (known as Alhambra, I was surprised to learn) by the end of 2015.
So the ice continues to retreat. What more pleasures will we lose in 2016? For now Rue des Commercants in Brussels and WSK in Vienna hangs on by its naughty fingertips; enjoy them both as much as you can while you can.

Well, so here I am in Brussels, 937pm. Brussels under security lockdown

Well, so here I am in Brussels, 937pm. Brussels under security lockdown. And yet Cine Paris is open and showing a couple of good films to me and 1 other discerning customer. The girls are still in the Rue des Commerçants, including my Beatrice. Fifth Avenue is still open, including Ina in a stunning floral body suit. Her appeal does not diminish, it just grows. She is like a flower that is just starting to bloom, and she just keeps on blooming. I must admit, when I arrived at Gare du Nord and decided to step off the train there (and therefore stay) I felt scared. And coming out the station, passing the soldiers with massive machine guns, I felt scared. And walking down the road from Gare du Nord to my Max Hotel, I felt scared. Every bar and café and restaurant was closed along the whole length of the road, but then, incredibly, Brussels Grill was open, the first place I saw open. And even incredibly the Café du Dome was open! Bravo for them. What if gunmen walk in and start shooting you? Nothing you can do. But you have to go on don’t you. And bravo to them. And then you have a couple of cans of beer and you start to relax. And then you see Cine Paris is open and you relax more. And then you see the street girls in the Rue des Commerçants, and you relax more. And then, amazing, even Fifth Avenue is open as normal. Less girls than normal, it is true, but Ina is there, and you relax even more. This is how courage breeds courage.

1250 in Café Jimmy in Rue des Commerçants

1250 in Café Jimmy in Rue des Commerçants. Watching Bulgarian Music TV. Drinking Carlsberg 1847. One new film in Cine Paris, Story of Sophia, and the school film from before. Dome, indeed, closed on Saturdays. There was a middle-aged (and that’s being kind) woman leaning against the wall outside the Hotel Plaza, her handbag hanging on the black railings, and it seems she is a hooker. She was finger writing a number on the wall for some black man, and he was finger writing a different number on the wall in return, and then walking away. She has got some balls. 12 midday, outside the must plush prestigious hotel in Brussels (where all the royalty stay) and not even in the first flush of youth, to say the least. Surely she will not get much custom, will she? Anyway, good to see some completely different music here in Café Jimmy. It will make me come back here more often. I would say Balkan/Bulgarian music videos are even more sexualised than Western European ones. This, of course, is a good thing.

Well, the Dome steak was not so great

Well, the Dome steak was not so great. Very small, dry beef steak, and the béarnaise sauce was quite sickly and had a skin on top. The salad was mixed but dry; in the Café West End it comes soaked in delicious olive oil I think. But its main effect was just to make me want to sleep. I tried to have one more beer in the hotel, then to Cine Paris for Tropical Anal from yesterday and one other film I saw years ago. I felt turned on but by the time I got to Fifth Avenue I had a bad headache and was not in the mood at all. I kept drinking hoping to break through into some drunken wildness but I just got tireder and tireder. Eventually I gave up and returned along Rue des Commerçants. On the way there I had been stopped by a short black girl with most enormous bosoms called Bridget, who offered me everything for 30 euros, even anal, even kissing. I felt a little suspicious, fearing a trap. On the way back she stopped me again and I declined again, before being called back by Beatrice with a “Hello!” I let her detain me for a while this time. I woke up after 10pm but did not go feel like going to Empire this time, but in future I think the Empire might well become a good place for a late nightcap if they keep their 2 or 3 real stars.
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