I am tired of these long journeys for now

I am tired of these long journeys for now: my next trip will be to Brussels only. I have enjoyed the beautiful rolls in the station, drinking in the Orient Express, enjoying Beatrice in the street, the brief glimpses of Ina in Fifth Avenue, the window girls of Rue d’Aerschot, the good videos in Sexyworld, the films in Ciné Paris, the chicken & chips in Lunch Factory. In Berlin? I enjoyed sitting in Monte Carlo, and the hotel receptionist; but that is it really. Not enough to go back for any time soon, when it takes me so long to get to. I will return to Vienna before the end of the year I expect. Eurostars are quite a bit more cramped than ICEs. I wonder if the new German-built Siemens trains will be more spacious when they come into service. The journey on Eurostar does, however, seem incredibly quick after those long train journeys across Europe I am now becoming used to! I can’t wait to get back to Brussels to be honest. It it so quick & easy to get to I can come back on my next days off perhaps, for two nights stay and coming back late on the last day.

The conclusion of this trip to Berlin

The conclusion of this trip to Berlin, with a 1-night stopover in Brussels on the way there and again on the way back is: wish I’d spent more time in Brussels. I had a nice time in Berlin but not enough to go back for, any time soon. The best memories of Berlin: the gorgeous brunette receptionist who checked me in, Frl ——. The free little hand massage the blonde Turkish girl gave me in Monte Carlo when she saw my cock was already up & out. The unexpected prettiness of Jessie in Monte Carlo. The sexiness of Andrea in Ciro. The best memories of this trip to Brussels: the real sexiness of Beatrice on Thursday night. How much I enjoyed the Ciné Paris films on both nights. The way Ina stood out in a light of her own at Fifth Avenue. The quality of the Sexyworld kabin films, perfect preparation for starting your look at the windows. How much nicer it is to drink in the Orient Express rather than Ibis bar. How Stella just makes me feel soporific but the Jupiler and Maes seems to give me the fire in the blood that I want from beer. It is the same with the Berliner Pilsener I drank in the Berlin hotel, it just makes me soporific. The same with the Zipfers in my Vienna hotel. I don’t know why some beers send me into a soporific stupor and others put a fire in my blood. Maybe just the coldness they are served at? I prefer the bars that serve their beer ice cold? Is that all? My Eurostar starts to pull away. Another really grey Brussels day. A real, grey, rainy depression settled on Europe for the whole 6 days I was away—strange to have SIX DAYS of grey raininess in July—but of course I was very grateful for it. Just spots of rain on the Eurostar window even now. I always think I do affect the weather and the huge metaphorical cloud and pressure hanging over my head since the morning I left home manifested itself in the bizarre 6-day rainy depression over the whole of Europe. I note the forecast for Brussels tomorrow is very hot & sunny again, now that I have gone.

0047 I am back at Midi and come for my chicken & chips

0047 I am back at Midi and come for my chicken & chips. I had a large Stella in Ibis (which made me soporific—same as the Berliner Pilseners and Vienna Zipfers), and a couple of small Jupilers in L’Orient Express followed by two vodkas, then rushed up to Ciné Paris. They close at 11, which is good to know. One OK film downstairs, then walked along Rue des Commercants to Fifth Avenue more for somewhere to have another drink more than anything else. Had two Maes here but the thrill was sexy Ina in a black backless trouser suit, fitted to her voluptuous arse like a second skin. She has “the fresh bloom of sexuality” on her; like a flower that has just opened. I think she opened a long time ago, but she still maintains the impression of only just opening. It is a quality that can’t be faked, manufactured or mistaken. She is the Maria Schneider of Fifth Avenue, and only Andrea can compete with her, but she has not been around for a while. From Fifth straight up to Rue d’Aerschot. There was no one in the windows that blew my mind this time, so I spent more time watching the good videos in Sexyworld. I got a metro back after 12. Looking at the signal boards I notice the last train seems to be around 0045.

You know I always complain bitterly in London

You know I always complain bitterly in London, f–king traffic lights every 50 yards; f–king stupid; but in Brussels you see the reality of what a lack of traffic lights is like, and it is a mind-blowing sight. I am actually in shock that in all these years of coming to Brussels I have NEVER seen a traffic accident—cars, bikes or pedestrians.

Another grey rainy Berlin day

Another grey rainy Berlin day. 0946 on the train back to Koln and Brussels. An erection all the way, thinking of the nice erotic moments I had in Berlin and those still to come on my one night back in Brussels. Christ, I am so turned on, on this train to Brussels. A really grey rainy day. Hard to believe this is summer. On the way to Bielefeld now. 1155 only. Still another 5½ hours till we arrive in Brussels. 1205. We get to Koln 1409. We just passed the big Kaiser Wilhelm statue on the hill by Minden. Now I regret I didn’t let Vanessa give me a handjob while I took out her massive breasts, and then finished off by f–king Jessie at the side. Christ, Andrea’s body felt good in my hands; her gorgeous arse, her breasts, her thighs, her pussy. I have had so many good erotic moments on this trip; and even when back in my room I was turned on constantly, my cock permanently hard. Just 1 hour 20 minutes to go till Koln now. Grab a roll then 2 hours 50 minutes in to Brussels. I am desperate to resume now. I cannot remember the last time I felt as constantly aroused as this.